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February 27, 2012

weenie beenie

Correction: all WE do is eat, eat, and eat. I don’t really have a problem with that though. I told myself (and those around me) that I wanted to try as many places in Old Town before/when/if we ever move away from Northern VA. My goal is not limited to Old Town – I don’t have anything against anything West of Annandale… it’s just far!

We started the weekend off with sushi - Kotobuki in the Palisades (west of Georgetown). It was strange. It’s on the second floor of a converted townhouse. I felt as I was dining in someone’s living room. We arrived just in time because a line started to form shortly after we were seated. It was like a club, two out and two in! Hah. The sushi menu consisted for the usual suspects and the most expensive roll was a whopping $9.95. Well…it was good. But not great. The rolls were basic and it wasn’t anything amazing. I would go there again but it the commute isn’t worth it.

Ended the night with a cupcake from Baked & Wired (Georgetown Cupcake rival). I’ve tried some of their treats at a festival last year but I hadn’t visited the actual bakery, er, cafe? I had their ménage à trois (chocolate cake, raspberry filling & vanilla frosting) and Chris had their tessita (vanilla cake, dulce de leche filling, chocolate-hazelnut satin icing). I bought some Hippie Crack (granola) for the road.

baked & wired

Saturday morning rolled around and we took Kirby to Shirlington before we took him to get groomed at the Muddy Mutt.

the muddy mutt

Afterward, Chris really wanted to try Weenie Beenie (it was right around the corner from the dog park and the groomer’s) but I had to meet with my sister for lunch. Okay, did that really stop me from buying something? Of course not. Chris chose to get a chili smoke and I ate a sausage egg & cheese sandwich. I don’t know why but everything taste better coming from a dirty cook-top. Yum.

sam phao thai

My sister wanted Thai, so I took her to Sam Phao Thai right off of King Street in Old Town. She ordered beef pad see ew and I ordered their house salad and sleepy shrimp. The dish reminded me off lumpia. Yep. It was like a lumpia cocktail. I definitely want to go back for dinner. Service was great and the location can’t be beat. :)

And for dessert…my sister wanted a cupcake. Alexandria Cupcake to the rescue! Mainly because it was right across the street. I opted for gelato from Boccato’s because I had a cupcake the night prior.

alexandria cupcake

Chris’s parents came up to visit (and to pick Kirby up) and as predicted, they wanted to eat something…Asian. Dim sum? Sure! We ventured out to Falls Church and ate at Mark’s Duck House. We shared a large table with another family and honestly, we probably seemed like hungry, hungry hippos. They took their time while we jumped on all of the carts that came by.

mark's duck house

We were in and out in about 30 minutes! And we were off to Great Wall Supermarket. It was my first time there and though many international markets up here are insanely packed, I was very excited to discover and try new foods, snacks, etc.

great wall market

And now…

Kirby has gone off with his grandparents. I’m sitting on the couch watching the Oscars pre-show and I’m stuffing my face with cheap pizza, Totino’s pepperoni pizza to be exact. Why is Kirby spending the next two weeks with his grandparents you ask?

Chris and I are heading to Las Vegas for our seven year anniversary. Yessir. Been a long time! I’m excited about what the future holds. Cliché? Well, what do you want me to say? He better put a ring on it? Yes, that too, but everyone has harassed him about it. I’m almost positive that’s just delaying the surprise because everyone is just waiting for it! SHH! Let him do it on his own. It’s hard enough to surprise a control freak event planner! :)


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