2010: a year in review

December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve dinner at Pazo!

It took me a while to recall what I did last New Years Eve!  Then it hit me, like duh.  I went to Baltimore with the boy and we had a great time exploring downtown Baltimore and its eats!

(Taken at the Blue Moon Cafe.  Waited an hour for this deliciousness!)

A couple of days later, Janelle celebrated her 25th birthday, bachelorette-style!  Haha.  We totally blame Michelle for this!  (She recently had her bachelorette party and wanted someone else to tackle the dare list!)  It ended with an injury, but it was worth it!  Haha.

Valentine’s Day arrived and I made burgers for the boy.  We stayed in and watched movies with the pup.

And for our five year anniversary, we traveled to New York.  But it rained the whole time.  Did we cry?  Did we stomp our feet and throw a tantrum?  Of course I did!  Haha, but we made the best of it!  MoMA, touristy thangs, and FOOD!

In April, we took the Kirbster to the Cherry Blossom festival in DC.  It was crowded as hell, but all of the flowers were gorgeous!

For me, May is the beginning of Summer for me (my body still thinks it’s in college, I guess) and it was a pretty eventful season!

My sister graduated.

Kirby turned one.

Chris turned 27.  (What a geezer!)

Me and Chris threw a BBQ.

Me and Janelle threw a birthday tea party. (I turned 26!  Yet, I still get carded even when I’m not buying the alcohol!)

And we ended the summer with the  Annual Neptune Festival!

After a crazy busy season at work, we (me, Chris & Kirby) joined Chris’s parents in Duck, NC for a little weekend getaway in October.

Shortly after, me and Janelle threw another tea party.  A Hallow-TEA-n party. :)

A week later, me, Chris, and the rest of the nation traveled up north to New Jersey/New York for a big, beautiful wedding!

And here we are: the end of the holiday season!  How was my holiday season, you ask?  Festive, stressful, joyous, exciting, and tiresome!

I had a low-key Thanksgiving.

I went to Busch Garden’s Christmastown again.  Twas cold.  Vedy vedy cold!

I spent Christmas Eve at Chris’s parents’ house. (Look at Kirby!  Hahaha.)

Then opened gifts with my immediate family at midnight.

And headed to my Godbrother’s house (like down the street) for the big family Christmas party!

Ooh, and I baked!  Yep.
Swirled Holiday Snowball Cookies! I spent over 3 hours hand-picking the red & green sprinkles.  Oy.

Easy Meringue-Drop Brownie Cupcakes! Adapted because my meringues (from Trader Joe’s) were huge!

And snow that night was the cherry on top!  Here’s a video of Kirby enjoying fresh powder the next day!

Okay, seriousness time.  Maybe not so serious, but real.  I think this is the first blog I’ve kept up with since my xanga.com days.  Sure, I’ve neglected it here and there, especially as of late, but I promise to stick with it!  It’s one my new year’s resolutions.  I usually have about ten, but I think I can keep a handful…like three.  Haha!  After reminiscing while blogging, I just had to make it official.  Wish me luck!

And by the way, I do not want to end this blog post by saying, “This year was so[insert sad/depressing adjective here], so next year will be my year!”  I know this is so cliche, but things happen man!  I’m not saying I never complain, whine, or throw a bitchfest when I don’t get my way.  Um, hello, I’m a control freak! But I know I’ve learned a lot about myself, my family, and my friends this year.  I’m taking it all in and next year… well, it’s going to be awesome.  For you, you, and YOU. ;)


So with that said, thanks for the support!  Most of my dedicated, loyal readers are my closest friends in real life.  Love you guys!  See you next year!

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1 Jlyn January 5, 2011 at 6:31 pm

AHH! Can I just say that video of Kirby is just too adorable. I love how he’s so active in the snow! Great year in review too, thorough yet concise =D.


2 RLV January 5, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Thanks, Jedd!


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