June 2010

Recipe: Nutella Gelato

June 30, 2010

First things first – TODAY IS MY 26th BIRTHDAY FOLKS!  Yes, I make a big deal out of them because life is short!  Why not celebrate each year you are here on earth with your loved ones, right?! Can’t wait to share all of the things I’ll be doing for this festive birthday (Hint: vampires, […]


This past weekend, I went to the 21st Annual AT&T Bayou Boogaloo and Cajun Food Festival with a couple of my friends…oh and the boy.  Twas hot as an oven, but it was fun!  Was able to try alligator for the first time, had delicious beignets, and sat through a caricature drawing!  All in all, […]


I’m a big fat cheater. Yeah, I’m a carb addict…and yet, I don’t feel any shame. Haha! Okay, well I didn’t do too horribly when I made this dish – I used brown rice instead of white and it was only half a cup of rice! Oy, I’m only trying to justify my bad choices. […]


BBQ Déjà vu

June 22, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice!  It’s officially summer and I’ve decided it’s going to be freakin’ awesome.  Lots of awesomeness to be had for the next couple of weeks, let me tell you!  This past Saturday, me and Chris threw a bbq/cookout at his parent’s house because a lot of his friends were in town for the […]


Okay, I know what you’re thinking… this dish looks like something that would be perfect for fall.  And it probably would be.  But you know what?  I think it was perfect the day I made it.  It wasn’t as hot & humid like it’s been for the past couple of days.  Can we say under […]


Robin’s Eggs, part 2

June 16, 2010

Oh my goodness. It’s been 2 months since I’ve posted about these beautiful eggs. Well, this post won’t be as “cute”, but I wanted to share what happened last night. I will try my best to explain. First of all, the picture above is the last picture I took of the old nest. (Yes, we […]


Thought I’d share some pictures that I took at the beach a couple of days ago. It was Kirby’s first encounter with the waves – we tried introducing the two last year, but he was only 8 weeks old and got very sick after being in the scorching sun & swallowing lots of sand. :( […]


Happy Birthday, Chris!

June 11, 2010

So the boyfriend turned the big 2-7 this past Wednesday and it was pretty low key & wonderful. Sushi, gifts, and froyo!  What more could a boy man ask for?!  Hehehe.


This is one my favorite meals to whip up during the week.  It’s quick, delish, and it’s perfect to take along for a picnic for two. ;)  Okay, we would bring Kirby, but you get the picture! Oh, and it’s pretty filling too!  Who would have thought a sandwich could give you the itis?!  Mmmm.


After reading this article in The New York Times, I got so inspired I decided I needed to make it. I didn’t use a recipe to go off of – I just winged it. The end result? Imagine traditional tiramisù and strawberry shortcake getting together & having a baby. Yeah, this is their love child. […]